Welcome to Xenion Pty Ltd

Xenion Pty Ltd is a West-Australian owned and operated company specialising in Internet network design, hosting and access.

Xenion believes that quality internet products can also be affordable. We use a mixture of proprietary and open-source software and hardware to build industry-standard products to help small and large organisations alike get a foot-up in the online world without it costing an arm and a leg.

We have over 10 years experience building Internet, Hosting, Caching and Telephony solutions for clients around Australia and the world. This expertise and technology is now available for everyone to use.

All of the Xenion hosting services come with no excess traffic charges.

Our Virtual Hosting products begin from $24.00 ex GST a month - perfect for small businesses and individuals wishing to build their online presence using reliable, proven technology.

For businesses and individuals who wish to get a reliable and affordable prescence on the internet then we offer UNIX based site hosting beginning from $11 a month. We can host your domain name, email addresses and provide statistics on your site traffic.

All of this comes with the Xenion Bandwidth Guarantee: "You'll never pay excess, ever."

Xenion does not and will not over-subscribe hardware to "squeeze in a few more customers". Even the budget services are constantly monitored and re-evaluated to provide the highest possible quality of service. Hardware is purchased to meet modest growth demands.