Product Pricing


Note: all prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Basic Package: per-RU

Transit is included based on how many RUs are purchased. 1 RU = 5 gigabytes transit included; 2 RU = 10 gigabytes transit included; 3 RU = 15 gigabytes transit included; etc.

Scheduled Access is access arranged at least 48 hours in advance.
Emergency Access is any other access with less than 48 hours advance notice.

ItemCost ex GSTCost inc GST
Setup Fee$70.00$77.00
1 RU per month$60.00$66.00
2 RU per month$120.00$132.00
3 RU per month$180.00$198.00
5 gigabytes transit per RU per monthincludedincluded
Emergency Access (24 hours) per hour$120.00$132.00
Scheduled Access (24 hours) per hour$60.00$66.00

Bandwidth pricing: Australia

Australian bandwidth pricing applies for all products (hosting, colocation, web) inside Australia. Bandwidth must be pre-paid and is valid for 1 calendar month or 30 days, whichever is shorter, after purchase.

Premium bandwidth is guaranteed 40% average utilisation with ~ 60% peak being purchased. This is designed for "bursty" services which require large peaks at certain times of the day. This bandwidth can be purchased in an emergency if your site needs it - for example, during a product launch or the beginning of a PR campaign.

Normal bandwidth is designed for webhosting with constant bandwidth requirements throughout the day. Most clients will want this for most of their traffic.

Equivalent WAIX traffic is included for the transit you purchase. Purchase 5 gigabytes of transit and 5 gigabytes of guaranteed high-speed WAIX is included. Purchase 50 gigabytes of transit and 50 gigabytes of guaranteed high-speed WAIX is included. All WAIX traffic after your guaranteed allotment is unmetered and best-effort.

(In short: WAIX is free; you aren't guaranteed high-speed WAIX traffic unless you've paid for it.)

Clients who exceed their traffic allotment are not charged extra - their traffic is set at a priority lower than normal bandwidth and thus their service may experience delays. Clients can purchase extra bandwidth if and when required.

(In short: think about how Australian ADSL works. You get x GB a month; if you go over you get shaped. Here you don't get shaped if there is excess capacity.)

ItemCost ex GSTCost inc GST
Normal bandwidth
1 GB$2.00$2.20
10 GB$20.00$22.00
50 GB$90.00$99.00
100 GB$170.00$187.00
500 GB$820.00$902.00
Premium bandwidth
1 GB$8.00$8.80
10 GB$80.00$88.00
50 GB$360.00$396.00
100 GB$640.00$704.00
500 GB$3280.00$3608.00

Per-Megabit pricing

This is the 'all you can eat' service where you get a guaranteed slice of bandwidth to the rest of the internet reserved just for you. No other clients share your slice of bandwidth.

All pricing is per calendar month. Average figures are given for a 30 day month.

Size40% average use80% average use100% average useCost ex GSTCost inc GST

Virtual Private Servers: Xen

The VPS service offers a variety of Linux distributions (with FreeBSD and NetBSD coming soon) for hobbyists and companies alike wishing to maintain their own server without having the hassle of maintain the hardware.

Xen VPS accounts begin at $24.00 ex GST, $26.40 inc GST. This includes 5 gigabytes of transit before shaping, 128mb of RAM and 10gb of hard disk space. Your choice of Linux distribution will be installed. You get full root access to your server.

It is your responsibility to provide backup services; or Xenion can back your virtual machine up for you for an additional fee.

Extra bandwidth can be purchased as per the bandwidth section above.

ItemCost ex GSTCost inc GST
Monthly fee$24.00$26.40
5 gigabytes transitincludedincluded
Extra 64mb RAM, monthly$4.00$4.40
Extra 10gb HDD, monthly$10.00$11.00
Extra Static IP, monthly$1.00$1.10


ItemCost ex GSTCost inc GST
MX secondarying (US), monthly
1 MX$2.00$2.20
5 MX$9.00$9.90
10 MX$17.00$18.70
50 MX$80.00$80.00
100 MX$120.00$120.00
DNS secondarying, monthly
1 domain$1.00$1.10
10 domains$5.00$5.50
50 domains$15.00$15.50
100 domains$25.00$27.50
>100 domains$CALL$CALL

Domain Registration

ItemCost ex GSTCost inc GST; 2 years$40.00$44.00
.com; 2 years$20.00$22.00

Web Hosting: Basic

The basic web hosting package is ideal for small sites wanting professional hosting at a budget price.

Basic Web hosting includes:

  • PHP/CGI with a seperate userid per account;
  • MySQL (PostgreSQL soon!) database space;
  • up to 5 email boxes for the hosted domain;
  • up to 5GB quota for databases, web storage and email;
  • up to 5GB of transit per month before shaping (see "traffic/bandwidth" pricing above);

Note: Quota includes web/cgi file storage, mail storage and database storage. For example - 10GB disk quota includes the sum of your mail, web and SQL tables.

More on this soon!

ItemCost ex GSTCost inc GST
Basic Hosting
Setup feenonenone
Monthly fee$10.00$11.00
(or) Yearly fee$120.00$132.00
5GB storageincludedincluded
Extra 10gb quota, monthly$10.00$11.00
Extra mailbox, monthly$1.00$1.10