Xenion's Entry-Level Virtual Servers

Why host in Australia? Bandwidth is expensive, the clients are overseas, hosting providers overseas are cheaper and faster..

This isn't as true as it once was. Internet access in Australia is fast and plentiful - if you're accessing Australian sites. The best choice you can make for your Australian customers is to host in Australia.

Xenion offer a number of consumer, business and enterprise-grade hosting solutions which are affordable, reliable and hosted in Perth, Sydney and the United States. You get to choose where, what and how much.

Xenion is now offering Virtual Server Hosting for a little as $25/month. The Open Source Xen Hypervisor is combined with Xenion's network/server monitoring and know-how to provide high-quality paravirtualised Linux services for a variety of distributions at a very affordable price. Perfect for individuals who wish to host their own DNS, Mail and WWW with room to experiment, or a website designer wishing to provide customised content management services to their clients; Xenion Virtual Hosting will scale with you from small to large.


Entry-level hosting isn't for the feint-hearted! Support is provided to get your VM onto the internet and accessible by you. No extra support is included as part of your hosting arrangements. If you would like extras such as CPanel, security upgrades, software installation and any web design then you'll have to pay as you go.

If you don't need support then why pay for it?


Xenion does not and will never over-subscribe hardware to "squeeze in" a few more customers. Even the budget services are constantly monitored and re-evaluated to provide the highest possible quality of service.

Xen Basic Hosting

The Xenion Basic Hosting services are hosted on modern multi-core Intel servers with mirrored SATA disks and fast ECC RAM for optimal performance at an affordable price.

  • Installation fee: $26.50 once-off
  • Monthly fee: $26.50 per month
  • Memory: 128mb (incl. running kernel)
  • Disk: 10 gigabytes (incl. running distribution); 512 megabytes swap
  • Included traffic: 1 static IP, 5 gigabytes a month
  • Extra traffic: WAIX unmetered; excess traffic/WAIX traffic shaped down if required

Basic Hosting Software Choices

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • RHEL (licencing fees required)
  • SuSE (licencing fees required)
  • Fedora
  • Centos 5.x


Further pricing and options are available at the pricing page.