Squid Support

Xenion was formed by one of the Squid Developers, Adrian Chadd, and its goals include providing professional network and network application design, support and infrastructure.

There exist a number of free support options if this is for you. These are linked off the Squid Support Site; but these can be confusing, incomplete. It may also difficult to find an actual solution when you probably urgently need one.

Xenion can and will provide you with quick and direct answers to your immediate problems, bypassing the need to wade through thousands of email posts and third-party support articles. Additionally, Xenion will be providing all clients with a private support forum and documentation site with documentation covering what will be relevant to you.

Xenion offers professional Squid support and development services to companies who use Squid as a mission-critical application. Clients who choose Xenion to provide their Squid support can be assured that not only will they be getting access to first-class support services by the people who know the product best, part proceeds will go to further Squid development to improve performance, functionality, scalability and management.

Xenion supports all officially released version of Squid from 1.x through to the stable versions (Squid-2.6). Please contact Xenion for more information if you require support for a customised Squid product or for the bleeding-edge Squid development releases.

Further information about current and upcoming project work can be found on the projects page.

For more information or to sign up, please Contact Xenion.

Support TypeSupportPhone SupportResponse TimesRemote HandsCoverage Time
Basic Support2 hrs/mth3 calls/mthNext-DayNot Included9am-5pm Mon-Fri WST (GMT+8)
Silver Support5 hrs/mth10 calls/mthNext-DayNot Included9am-5pm Mon-Fri; 24/7 email
Gold Support10 hrs/mthunlimited4-hour5 hrs/mth24/7 email and phone support
Platinum Support15 hrs/mthunlimited1-hour10 hrs/mth24/7 email and phone support

Basic support:

  • Email support (next-day) about basic run-time issues - basic configuration options, help with housekeeping, questions about Squid features, etc.
  • Up to 3 phone calls a month for Squid support issues between 9am-5pm GMT+8, Monday to Friday
  • 2 hours a month total support included (phone, email, lab time.)
  • When ready, access to customer-only forums and support centre

Silver support:

Basic support, plus:

  • Up to 10 phone calls a month
  • 5 hours a month total support included (phone, email, lab time.)
  • Next-day email support, 24/7

Gold support:

Silver support, plus:

  • Telephone and email support - 4 hour response time
  • When developed, access and development on custom tools for Squid configuration management and logfile analysis - will be restricted to 5 hosts before extra maintaince fees!
  • 10 hours a month total support included (phone, email, lab time.)
  • Remote hands available during office hours to diagnose problems, up to 5 hours a month
  • Small customisations to Squid will be included in support time (so if you need little changes to the codebase to support a certain feature it can be organised.)

Platinum support:

Gold support, plus:

  • Unlimited telephone/email 24/7 support (subject to total support hour limits a month)
  • 1 hour response time on email or telephone problems
  • 15 hours a month total support included (phone, email, lab time.)
  • 24/7 remote hands if required to repair/debug installations
  • Access to Squid improvements and other add-on tools before public release